Osteopathy during pregnancy

Support before, during and after pregnancy

In our practice we accompany many women from the wish to have children, throughout pregnancy, to the delivery and the post-partum period. 
In patients with the wish to become pregnant we release tensions and restrictions of movement which might be an impediment to conceive naturally. This includes scars due to surgical interventions in the past or disorders and tensions of the structures in the region of the pelvis, but also in the region of the cranial base where the hormone-producing pituitary gland is located. Osteopathic treatment can help to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage of the pelvis and lower abdomen which can have a positive effect on fertility and the course of the pregnancy.

During the first trimester osteopathy can help to ease complaints like nausea, vomiting and constipation. Already in this phase we are working on improving the mobility of the pelvis to prepare it for the changes during pregnancy and for the process of giving birth.

Starting with the second trimester the altered statics of the pelvis can cause increasing pain and complaints regarding digestion, bladder function and respiration as well as overstretching of the ligaments. In our practice we try to apply rebalancing techniques to release tensions and to support the pelvic mobility, which also has a positive effect on the baby in the womb making it easier for the baby to turn and move into a good position for the labor and delivery during the final trimester.

By stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph osteopathy can also be helpful in cases of varicose veins, edema and cramps or help to prevent gestosis (toxemia of pregnancy).

In most post-partum mothers tension fields can be found in the regions of the pelvis, neck and back. Thus we recommend osteopathic treatment for all our post-partum patients to address subsequent complaints and problems like sacroiliac pain, low back pain, headaches, galactostasia, mastitis, or postnatal depression.

We will gladly schedule an appointment for you and your baby after childbirth, since we also recommend an osteopathic checkup within the first few weeks after delivery.