Osteopathic treatment


BOn the occasion of the first consultation we start with a thorough case history taking (questioning of the patient) where we ask about the motives for the consultation and the state of the various body functions. Information about accidents, surgical interventions, severe diseases in the past or predispositions that run in the family are important to us. The case history also includes questions about possible allopathic examinations or interventions as well as about the person’s lifestyle, i.e. sleep, diet, exercise, etc. Regarding infants and children all information about pregnancy and the birth process is important.
The case history taking is followed by an examination of the patient to establish a diagnosis. According to the practitioner’s findings and the patient’s symptoms the first treatment takes place.

The treatment is carried out in a relaxed position with the patient either sitting or lying. Especially regarding babies and infants we try to adapt to their needs and treat them in a setting where they feel safe, i.e. the treatment might take place while the child, while the child is being fed, is playing or reading a book with his/her mother or father. In the treatment various gentle and pain-free techniques are applied. The aim is free mobility of all body structures. In possible follow-up sessions the results are being checked on a continuing basis and the treatment adapted accordingly. An osteopathic treatment session usually lasts approx. 30-45 minutes. On average, an osteopathic therapy comprises three to six treatment sessions at intervals spaced over a period of one to six months. However, each course of therapy is very individual.

A treatment session costs between 130.- and 160.- CHF.  Within the scope of supplementary insurance contracts for alternative medicine statutory health insurances cover a large share of the costs.